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Cold Weather Brings Challenges to Maintaining a Clean Parking Lot

Snow and ice can bring challenges and  require a great deal of manpower and materials to manage.

One of the most common materials used for snow and ice management is salt.  Every Winter, millions of tons of road salt is dumped on paved parking surfaces to manage ice.

However, using salt on parking lots and the sidewalks of your commercial property, has its downsides.

Why parking lot power sweeping is crucial for salt removal

Using salt for snow and ice management during winter is imperative to help combat the winter weather, however,  it ultimately damages parking lots.

While it is the cheapest and most practical way for us to manage snow and ice, salt has one a serious effect on surfaces.
It can cause the breakdown substances that are used to pave road surfaces and parking lot striping.

Salt Contributes to the formation of Potholes

Salt can speed up the appearance of potholes and makes existing deterioration on parking lots worse.

Salt exaggerates the freeze-thaw cycles at lower temperatures because of its property to keep water in liquid form even at very low temperatures.

Salt is a compound made up of two chemicals — sodium and chlorine. Sodium is a very corrosive element that will damage a wide range of substances. The Chlorine effects  parking lot striping if the salt is allowed to accumulate, causing the polymers in the stripe to dissolve.


Street sweeping – the best approach to remove salt

Throughout the Winter, it is imperative to try and limit the effects of salt on  parking lots.

Parking Lot Power Sweeping is an imperative action that eliminates salt that has accumulated on surfaces during winter.

Removing salt is important not only because it will preserve paved surfaces, it also saves the environment by reducing the salt that could be washed on to plant areas and water catchment areas.

If you have a parking lot or commercial property that you manage, take some time to implement a plan for professional power sweeping.

The goal is to clean away the salt  from the winter, preserve the paved surfaces and line striping and save money in the long run.

Power Sweeping Plus has a flexible sweeping schedule that will accommodate your business hours, noise restrictions and debris levels.

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February 22nd, 2017

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