Spring: Time to Power Sweep Your Commercial Parking Lot or Garange

Spring has Sprung!  Typically people are ready to Spring Clean their home and office. It’s also time  to do a Spring Clean on your commercial parking lot or garage. Where do you think all the dirt, debris, salt/sand from the winter months go?  All in your parking lot or garage, making it easy for visitors to your business to track the debris into your commercial property.

Now is the time to clean your parking lot or garage.  Here are action items to help you keep your parking lot or garage clean – and more importantly, your business looking great.

Remove Standing Debris

The first First thing you must do is sweep or blow your surfaces to remove all the dirt and debris such as salt, sand, trash, leaves, cigarette butts, etc.  One of the most efficient and effective ways to remove standing debris is to use a high powered machine or blower. It is also important to keep trash receptacles emptied and maintain your dumpster areas.

Professional Power Sweeping

Power Sweeping is a preferred method to fully clean your outdoor surfaces. With power sweeping, all parking areas, along with entrance and exit areas need to be addressed using top of the line equipment operated by skilled personnel.

Routine Cleaning for you Parking Lot and Parking Garage Needs

While it is important to clean your parking lot and parking garage surfaces following the winter season, it is even more imperative to have your surfaces cleaned on a frequent basis.

Depending on size and use of your parking parking lot and garage surfaces, trash and debris removal should be performed daily (day cleaning), parking lot sweeping done weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly or semiannually.

Power Sweeping Plus services Burlington, Camden and Gloucester Counties in NJ and has a flexible sweeping schedule that will accommodate your business hours, noise restrictions and debris levels.

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March 27th, 2017

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