parking lot sweeping southern New JerseyIts almost time that the threat of snow disappears. With the upcoming changing of the season, you want to make sure that your business and commercial parking lot or parking garage is ready for the transition from Winter to Spring.

After the harsher conditions of winter, your commercial parking lot or corporate center will have taken a beating. To make sure that your commercial property looks and operates amazing in the upcoming months, there are items to check off of your list to help enhance the look and feel of your business and ensure safety around the exterior of your business or commercial parking lot.

Repaint the lines.

Your parking lot might look okay after winter, but you need to consider repainting parking lot lines and stripes. This will the lines to ensure all visitors know exactly where  parking spots are located. You don’t want  people parking just anywhere and making up their own spots because they couldn’t tell where the lines were. This is extremely important when it comes to handicapped parking spaces. Visitors to your property should have a clean and clear boundary of where each space starts and stops.

By repainting parking lot lines and stripes, you can help brighten everything up and prevent any issues from occurring. Refreshing your line striping also minimizes damages from people parking too close together and potentially hitting neighboring parked cars.

Sweep the parking lot.

A lot of dirt and debris will be left over after all the winter months. Because of that, you want to professionally power sweep and clean the entire parking lot. Your parking lot cleaning will leave the property looking amazing and will  minimize the amount of debris that visitors could encounter and get hurt.

If the debris in your parking lot is not cleaned up, it can  distract customers from how amazing the rest of your business looks. By keeping everything neat and tidy, you  create a positive image for visitors. Regular parking lot power sweeping prevents build-up from occurring.

By planning and following with regular parking lot maintenance, you will ensure your commercial property’s parking lot looks fantastic and the number of injuries is minimal.

Power Sweeping Plus services Burlington, Camden and Gloucester Counties in NJ and has a flexible sweeping schedule that will accommodate your business hours, noise restrictions and debris levels.

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March 7th, 2017

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